What Our Customers Said About Oven-Baked Food...

We were the largest distributor of Flint River Ranch food for 19 years, until Flint River Ranch went out of business in 2016. Most other distributors started selling Life's Abundance, an extruded food, because it fit their business model. After all of the amazing feedback we received while selling oven-baked food, we'll not sell extruded food. We continue to share the feedback, shown below, so that you can see how pets thrive on oven-baked food. Baking does not destroy vitamins and enzymes like extrusion does, and the superior digestibility of baked food is critical to optimal nutrient absorption. And pets love the taste!! We taste every recipe we bake and we like it too!

We worked with nutritionists to create our own recipes that have the Flint River Ranch qualities we loved, and are even better: Compare to Flint River Ranch

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