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Happy To Have A Family
JJ at 6 Months

"Is this my good side?"

JJ at 2 Years

Breed: BoxerWeight: 35 pounds
Gender: Female
Full Name: Jada Jarhead
Story: She was a Christmas present from my son - a gift I've hoped for in the 8 years since my last Boxer died. She's smart, stubborn, and beautiful! I'm her second owner, the first being a single man who had no experience with large breed dogs and was overwhelmed by the time she was 20 pounds and full to the brim with energy. She's rather small for a boxer and the vet thinks she'll barely hit 50 pounds. I expect her to be smart, and she's living up to my expectations. I plan on training her to an agility course this spring and summer, just for the challenge, since there are no such events or classes in my area.

Staff: Cindy Bettinger
Home: Charleston, IL
Date Entered into Gallery: March 7, 2006

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