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Marley at 14 Years

Marley by Pond in Garden

Breed: English Springer SpanielGender: Female
Favorite Food: Her diet is strictlly Flint River - could that be the secret to her good health?
Favorite Activities: Until recently, took daily 5 mile walks - now down to 1 or 2 miles or however much she decides, as she is the boss here.
I should mention she has the sweetest disposition; in all her years, not a growl nor nasty display toward man or beast. She used to love to watch the shubunkin (goldfish) in our small pond, her head moving to the right, to the left like a pendulum, just watching. The egrets stole the shubunkin and for the longest time she would go to the pond and look for her missing friends.

Staff: Maryane and Tor Grotting
Home: Santa Rosa, CA
Date Entered into Gallery: March 16, 2006

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