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At Nantucket on the Porch
Jack at 10 Years

Enjoying the Coastal Breeze

Beau at 15 Months

Breed: PoodleVariety: Miniature
Weight: 17 poundsGender: Male
Full Name: Sugarfoot Black Jack Davy
Favorite Food: Of course we love Flint River dog food, which Mrs. Johnson uses exclusively for her kennel of wonderful poodles.
Favorite Activities: Sometimes, looking at his intelligent eyes, you could think that he was a human trapped in a dog's body, but then he would race around on the beach seeking a good roll in some smelly beach stuff and we remember he was in fact a dog.
Story: Jack was born in November, 1995 and was bred by Mrs. Helen Sewell Johnson of Ardmore, PA. Jack was shown at a wide variety of dog shows up and down the East Coast and achieved his championship when he was fifteen months old. He came to us in the summer of 1997 and had been an important part of our family life ever since. Jack was a show dog and a poodle, a breed that many people think of as over-refined and too fancy, but he certainly was neither. He weighed about 17 lbs, and at 14" at shoulder was the largest you can be and still be a miniature poodle.
Jack died in January 2009 of cancer of the jaw.

Breed: PoodleVariety: Miniature
Gender: Male
Registered Name: C-Brooke's Black Diamond.
Favorite Food: Flint River Ranch was our food for Jack all his life, and, now, Beau is getting used to it, too.
Story: Beau is from C-Brooke Poodles in upstate New York.
In this picture he's sitting next to his portrait, a cheerful primitive style that is exactly like his personality, done on Nantucket this summer by Tine Kirkland Graham. The over-sized electric collar was replaced when the local service received a mini-sized one, so the poor boy isn't encumbered by it anymore.

Staff: Georgia Raysman
Home: New York, NY
Date Entered into Gallery: April 4, 2006

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