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Tongue Galore for More Trout Biscuits
Ckym at 6 Years

Putting on THE ACT in Public!

Call of the Wild, "Whatever WAS that furry floor cookie?"

Breed: Doberman PinscherWeight: 57 pounds
Gender: Female
Favorite Food: Ice cubes from water glass only, Flint River Trout & Potato biscuits, Wild Boar deglaze, more Wild Boar deglaze, and cheddar cheese.
Favorite Activities: Hearing a UPS Buster Brown truck anywhere near HER place on the block to meet and greet. Putting unleashed Pit Bulls belly up. The anytime always gossip at the back fence with the neighbor's "floor cookies" ...small dogs/mutts. Riding in HER Jaguar or Jeep. ANY drive up window! Chasing a taunting neighborhood cat. Running free, nose to the air and dirt on HER 1 and 1/2 acres. Being a Dobie always, on the alert or command or just being herself.
Favorite Place to Sleep: On the couch with me on it. In our bed she shares gladly with us any ol' time. Her own bed on rare occasions even.
Special Skills or Responsibilities: Highly trained obedience skills (knows +-65 commands to date by word or actions), therapy dog, personal and property guard dog.
Story: Ckym (pronounced Kim, I didn't name her!) was adopted from a federal prison nurse at age 1 and 1/2 years as she was going to go into training as a jail cell sniffer. We met, took 2 minutes or less to "connect" or not, then soon became best of friends and family. She never demands center of attention though as a Dobie is, she loves to be around anything going on at the moment.
She presents herself on HER property as a most friendly dog, until the time of night is late or the stranger is just not quite right, then she is all Doberman and some. Many have acclaimed her of being nothing more than a most playful, friendly Doberman..until they return to HER property uninvited or of a fresh approach, then she lets be seen her "other side"...her business is as a Doberman has to do business side of her. She has saved us and our neighbors a lot of money by her always being on the alert for those types who just do not belong on her property. Saved a near death bleeding man in the dead of winter night and so by impressed the local law enforcement, EMTs and doctors who saw her in action. By her just being her, a couple of families now have Dobermans with their young children and are always thankful they learned firsthand by the most remarkable of breeds, the Doberman Pinscher.
Our 5 yr old this September lady Doberman is on the top of her game since returning to Flint River. Her increasing itching stopped within 10 days of placement on Flint River Ranch and within three weeks she was at 100%. Since, others, and even a mail carrier, we see often times have commented on her now black chrome coat and wanted to get their dog(s) on Flint River. Easy enough to highly recommend your products that show in the health of the animal.

Staff: Michael Worth
Home: Albuquerque, NM
Date Entered into Gallery: May 4, 2006

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