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Bosco at 13 Months

Blossom at 9 Months

Bosco at 20 Months

Snickers at 9 Weeks

Sophie at 10 Weeks

Enjoying a Rest in the Shade
Bugs at 9 Years

Breed: Shih TzuWeight: 16 pounds
Gender: Male
Favorite Food: They love Flint River Ranch Puppy and Adult Kibble, as well as Flint River Ranch Bone Shaped Biscuit Treats.
Favorite Activities: Bosco dumps the big toy basket over early in the morning, and he plays with tennis balls mostly.
Favorite Place to Sleep: They both juggle for position in our bed at night, and finally we all go sound asleep.

Breed: Shih TzuWeight: 4 pounds
Gender: Female
Favorite Activities: Blossom loves her teddy bear and the hard plastic attachment to my hair dryer. They have to have their daily ride in their dog stroller.

Breed: Shih TzuGender: Male

Breed: Lhasa ApsoGender: Female

Breed: Chow Chow/German Shepherd Dog MixWeight: 60 pounds
Gender: Male
Favorite Food: Flint River Ranch food and Flint River Ranch treats. However, now he gets Jubilee Wafers instead of the treats.
Favorite Activities: Playing with my three Shih Tzus, and my one Lhasa Apso... and running out in the woods!
Favorite Place to Sleep: Garage where his big bed and fan are.
Special Skills or Responsibilities: He is very obedient, and guards our family, property, and home as if he owned everything!
Story: A little sick puppy about 8 weeks old that my husband and I found sitting alone in the street... we nurtured him to health and within three months he was a happy and healthy little puppy. I call him my "Big Black Puppy!"
There should be a place in everyone's heart for that one special doggie set aside just for you!

Staff: David and Susan Johnson
Home: Flint, TX
Date Entered into Gallery: May 18, 2006

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