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Bandit at 13 Years

Bandit at 7 Years

Bandit at 4 Months

Breed: Boston Terrier MixGender: Male
Special Skills or Responsibilities: He is such a smart dog that he could have been a circus act, and I ran out of tricks to teach him. Since I got him at 8 weeks, I started teaching him right away, and he could do just about everything. In fact, if I asked him what is on the house, he will tell me "roof" and I am very serious, this guy is so smart... He also knows and responds to hand signals with out speech. I could go on, and on, but I know space is limited.
Story: I originally purchased Bandit for my two boys to teach them responsibility, but they didn't live with me, and their Mother wasn't happy about the idea, so he quickly became my Best Friend.
By the way, I must say your product lives up to all the testimonials, and he eats all his food, and his coat is much softer, and shinier... Thank you for a great product!

Staff: Rick Carducci
Home: Bordentown, NJ
Date Entered into Gallery: June 8, 2006

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