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Steven, Jake, and
Izzy at 1 Year

Izzy at 2 Years

Recuperating After Knee Surgery

Izzy at 4 Years

Breed: German Shepherd DogWeight: 127 pounds
Gender: Male
Favorite Food: He loves Flint River Ranch dry food and treats.
Favorite Activities: He loves to play tug of war with my grandsons, Steven and Jake, and sleeps with them when they sleep over. Plays with all his toys and knows everyone of their names - his favorite is his Roxi stuffed dog. He loves to walk at night, or anytime and anywhere... he has two girl friends, Jade and Tyra (Beagles). and their Mom, Nancy.
Favorite Place to Sleep: Izzy always starts out in my bed, but moves sometime at night. I think he patrols the house, and sleeps all day!
Special Skills or Responsibilities: Izzy has a very special skill/responsibility... ME, and he does his job very well, I couldn't ask for a better companion.
Story: The boys and I found Izzy at the Bridgewater Shelter where he had been for two weeks, because he was such a tall large dog... I guess there wasn't to many people ready to take him home. He was perfect for me... I wanted a large (not that large) dog, so I would feel safe alone. He was just waiting for me to come along and God put us together within 2 weeks of Roxi's passing. We are perfect together. Izzy was named after a plumber who works at RupCoe Plumbing/Heating in South Plainfield, NJ.
Izzy had surgery on his knee in February 2008 and he was allowed on the new furniture... but he wasn't comfortable on it like he used to be on the old furniture. Its been 6 months since surgery and he is still not his old self. Its been a slow recovery.

Staff: Sally Strasko
Home: Middlesex, NJ
Date Entered into Gallery: September 19, 2006

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