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Marty Lee and Mikey Joe Knew the Package Was Theirs!

Mikey Joe Doing What He Does Best... Making a Mess! They Had So Much Fun!
Mikey Joe at 4 Years

Mikey Joe, Marty Lee, and Molly Marie Even Played with the Empty Bag—"To the Victor Goes the Spoils!" :o)

Mikey Joe
Breed: Yorkshire TerrierGender: Male
Story: Our six Yorkies love Flint River Ranch... can you tell? Marty Lee (4 years old) and Mikey Joe (4½ years old) were both rescues. Mikey Joe is huge for a Yorkie, but he's very handy to have around the house. He loves to shred paper and open boxes for us!

Marty Lee
Breed: Yorkshire Terrier

Molly Marie
Breed: Yorkshire TerrierGender: Female

Staff: Barbara Fink
Home: Las Vegas, NV
Date Entered into Gallery: May 14, 2003

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