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"Mom, can you take the picture already!"
Left-to-right: Peanut at 6 Years, Sage at 2 Years, Buddy at 3 Years

"Mom, why do I have to wear this jacket?"
Peanut at 6 Years

Breed: Chihuahua MixWeight: 12 pounds
Gender: Male
Favorite Food: They love all the Flint River Ranch food, especially the lamb combination. I feel like I am giving them something so healthy.
Favorite Activities: They love to chase each other around.
Favorite Place to Sleep: They all sleep on the bed - tough for me!
Story: Peanut was found wondering around on Tropicana Street. He was in bad shape as he had a bad knee. I adopted him, found out, and did the surgery. He was in a cast for 2 months. He is doing well.

Breed: Akita MixWeight: 38 pounds
Gender: Female
Favorite Activities: Loves to tear up pillows!
Story: Sage was dropped off at a shelter. Her owners were in the military. Very sweet dog.

Breed: German Shepherd Dog MixWeight: 44 pounds
Gender: Male
Story: Buddy was a mess. I adopted him over 2 years ago. He was in such bad shape they didn't think he could "change." He was returned 4 times to shelters because he has panic attacks. He really must have had a bad life before me. Now he is confident and trained to go outside. He appeared to have no previous training and did his business in the house. He is a great dog. He still has panic attacks, but rarely.

Staff: Janice Lencke
Home: Las Vegas, NV
Date Entered into Gallery: November 22, 2006

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