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Toby at 9 Months

Breed: Rat TerrierVariety: Toy
Gender: Male
Full Name: Crown Prince Tobias
Favorite Activities: His favorite activity is making trouble!
Favorite Place to Sleep: He sleeps under the covers, snuggled against me.
Story: I think he is unique because I ordered him online from a breeder in Louisiana, and I live in Jordan. At the tender age of 8 weeks, he traveled by himself from Louisiana to New York, then non-stop from New York to Amman, Jordan. I had to go to the cargo area at the airport to claim him, and after about an hour of paperwork, they finally brought me this little kennel with a tiny pup inside. He was just sitting there looking bored. It took about another hour of paperwork before I could get him out of customs and out of his little kennel. Now I can't imagine life without him!

Staff: Carol Burris
Home: Amman, Jordan,
Date Entered into Gallery: December 12, 2006

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