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Bordeaux at 2 Years

Breed: Great PyreneesGender: Male
Story: He was dumped by a woman in Texas (along with her siblings), and rescued by SPIN (Saving Pyrenees In Need).

Breed: Rottweiler MixGender: Female

Breed: Dogue De BordeauxWeight: 78 pounds
Gender: Male
Favorite Food: He eats anything; food was a luxury before being rescued.
Favorite Activities: He enjoys being a dog... rolling in the grass and flirting with Angel (a rescued Pyrenees).
Favorite Place to Sleep: He loves his dog bed with the heater.
Story: He was rescued from Animal Control in Dallas. Thanks, Mark Cooper! No rescue group would touch him because he was so emaciated (69 pounds when I took him home. He should weigh between 110-140 pounds), so SPIN.org let me pull him and take him home. Mark was thrilled with another life saved. My kids and husband were all thrilled, too. And my Dad... he cried when he saw pictures of him. We're all thrilled with how sweet he is, and how he is gaining weight. Such a good dog.

Staff: Vanessa Semifero Rodriguez
Home: Dallas, TX
Date Entered into Gallery: February 27, 2007

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