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In Memory of Miss Holly, 1996-2003


Born still and silent,
You came to us,
Teaching us that Love
Was You.

Growing, watching, learning,
Loving everyone,
Reminding us that Life
Was You.

Raising puppies, Healthy,
Fat and happy,
Showing us that Caring
Was You.

Spotted soft ears, Constant
Companion, always there,
Training us that Friendship
Was You.

Hunting and Running, Joy
And fun to all,
Schooling us that Terrier
Was You.

Leaving still and silent,
You journeyed to Heaven,
Teaching us that Love
Was You.

~Jean Kieselburg - © 2003

Miss Holly

Miss Holly
Breed: Jack Russell TerrierGender: Female
Story: Our friend and companion, Miss Holly, passed away in her sleep on July 21, 2003. She left this world much more gently than she entered it, being a butt-first breech "stuck puppy" who had to be resuscitated. But she was a champ, a true go-getter, who wasn't going to let something like a rough birth stop her from being a part of our lives.

Miss Holly was a true delight, and never left our sides. She could run off-lead from a young age, so obedient, and spent the first four years of her life as a weekend warrior at Bartlett Lake in Arizona, in her little pink life jacket riding the bow of our speed boat. She had great sea legs, and an even better nose, never failing to track and locate. She was my hunt companion, and I loved to watch her work, catlike, a true soft terrier. Alas, she never earned her NHC through the JRTCA, but had her NHC with us: read that as "Nurturing Heartfelt Companion". When I had major surgery a few years back, she never left my side, not for one minute, and lay on my feet for three weeks, keeping them warm.

Our families always said she was my daughter, the little red-haired girl I never had. And that she was.

On her last day with us, she went out with me to watch two other dogs hunt, and delighted in them finding a raccoon. She checked a hole, waded through the water, and we went on a long, slow walk through some of the most beautiful country I have ever been in. Then she played in the grass and rolled on her back, relishing the moment. When we returned to the motorhome, she lay down to take a nap and just simply did not open her eyes again. She never moved, she never struggled, and I picked her up and held her tightly. We'll never know, but we'll never question. She was a true lady till the end. We will miss her "smiling" at guests, making the whole pack howl, and dog-speaking the only human words she could say: "I LOVE YOU." There'll never be another like her, nor would we want that. She was special; just as they all are.

Our deepest gratitude to Tara, Teri, and Tyler, for making my little girl's last day so special, and for helping me lay my baby to rest—this is the most beautiful thing anyone has ever done for us. Our heartfelt thanks, as well, to Tara's Mom, Shanna, for allowing Miss Holly to lie at rest at her home, at the base of an apple tree.

If you would like to give a remembrance in Miss Holly's name, we suggest a tax-deductible donation to one of the following:

AZ Jack Russell Rescue, Inc.
P.O. Box 24186
Phoenix, AZ 85074


The Jack Russell Terrier Research Foundation
79 Mt. Lebanon Road
Pt. Murray, NJ 07865

May you always run free in the Summerlands, our sweet.

Jean and Mick Kieselburg
Desert Rose Jack Russells

Staff: Jean and Mick Kieselburg
Date Entered into Gallery: August 18, 2003

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