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Sophie (left) and Misha
At 5 Years

Misha at 1 Year

Breed: Standard PoodleWeight: 55 pounds
Gender: Female
Favorite Food: They love their home-cooked meals and Flint River Ranch Trout and the Lamb. They also love cheese omlets, cottage cheese, yogurt, chicken soup, chicken livers, hearts & gizzards. They like apples & pears when I am eating slices, but no vegies really. Any kind of cheese. If I sprinkle brewers yeast on almost anything, they love it.
Special Skills or Responsibilities: Misha is being groomed to be a Service Dog.
Story: She endears everyone she meets. She is gorgeous, incredibly smart, happy, active and eager to please! How did I ever manage without her?

Breed: Standard PoodleGender: Female

Staff: Tudor McCook
Home: Bend, OR
Date Entered into Gallery: March 19, 2007

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