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Buddy at 1 Year (left) and Maggie at 4 Years

My Christmas Haircut

Maggie at 2 Years

Breed: Australian TerrierWeight: 18 pounds
Gender: Female
Favorite Food: I enjoy eating Flint River Ranch Kibble, and I am a picky eater.
Favorite Activities: I love being chased around by Mommy, playing tug with my Frisbee, running as fast as possible in figure eights, and of course being obstinate now and then (I am a Terrier!). I also enjoy a good tummy scratch.
Favorite Place to Sleep: I sleep either under Mommy and Daddy's bed or in bed with them—although Mommy says that I am definitely a bed hog!
Maggie thinks she is much bigger than she is and loves to go to Doggie Day Care and play with the big dogs, which she can always outrun. She is the sweetest little dog—you would never guess she's 18 pounds! She is a total indoor dog, and does all the "talking" for the two of them.

Breed: Lhasa ApsoGender: Male
Nickname: Bud-Bud
Favorite Activities: He is a total outdoor dog, very playful, and loves kids!
He is the sweetest dog, very quiet, and loves to lie on his back with his paws in the air when he naps.

Staff: Nicole Tomasino
Home: Boston, MA
Date Entered into Gallery: October 13, 2003

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