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Teddy at 28 Months

Breed: Bichon FriséWeight: 17 pounds
Gender: Male
Full Name: Theodore Everett Bear, aka Ted E. Bear or Teddy
Favorite Food: I thought he had a tendency towards allergies, and had him on a strict duck and potato diet for almost a year. He didn't scratch excessively, but more than I expected. Since switching to Flint River Ranch Kibble, he is scratching much less. I am still slowly switching him over. He hated the duck and potato, but loves Flint River Ranch!
Favorite Activities: He does "blitz" through the house a couple of times a day, but it is a joy to watch him and he never breaks anything.
Favorite Place to Sleep: He sleeps on the bed with me at night (cuddles for a few minutes, but likes his own space at the foot of the bed).
He says that he is "certainly" a male, thank you very much! He has been my faithful companion and follows/goes with me everywhere. He is pretty calm and quiet at home, but loves people, and I am having a hard time teaching him that not everyone wants to be jumped on and licked. (his only vice).

Staff: Pat Langner
Home: Danville, CA
Date Entered into Gallery: November 19, 2003

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