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Samantha Renée at 1 Year

"Please throw my ball!"
Left-to-right: Simba, Gidget Marie, Samantha Renée
At 2 Years

Samantha Renée
Breed: PekingeseWeight: 10 pounds
Gender: Female
Favorite Food: They all love pizza, chicken, Vodka Tonic, and, of course, their ultimate favorite, Flint River Ranch Kibble.
Favorite Activities: She loves playing ball.
Favorite Place to Sleep: We all sleep in Momma and Daddy's bed.
Special Skills or Responsibilities: They act as ferocious watch dogs.
Story: Hi! I'm Samantha Renée. My mommy and daddy only use my middle name when I have been up to no good, which is rare in my opinion. After all, who really cares if the toilet paper stays on the roller. Just because it's wadded up on the floor doesn't mean it's unusable!

Mommy and Daddy just started letting me eat Flint River Ranch Kibble. I even get the Peanut Butter cookies and when my big brother Barney isn't looking I steal his and bury it. I can run much faster than him because I'm only one year old and he is thirteen. I try to give him kisses all the time but he growls at me. I think he is mad at me for stealing his cookies.
Samantha is pure rotten and thinks she should get anything she wants at any time. Of course, it doesn't help that I always give in. I keep telling her I'm going to make her take some of her toys to Pekingese Rescue to give to the little dogs who have had a rough life. She doesn't seem too concerned though.

Breed: PekingeseWeight: 10 pounds
Gender: Male
Simba and Gidget both came from Pekingese Rescue; we purchased Samantha as a baby. Simba and Gidget seem to be so much more appreciative of things.

Gidget Marie
Breed: PekingeseWeight: 10 pounds
Gender: Female

Staff: Robin Basta
Home: McKinney, TX
Date Entered into Gallery: September 9, 2002

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