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Ironwood Russells Jenell

Ironwood Russells Jenell at 1 Year

Short Stop Samantha at 2 Years

Short Stop Izzy at 2 Years

"I just climbed into Mom's headboard and conked out!"
Kismets Kandyman of JRS

"This is how I eat my Flint River Ranch dog food. I was born to be a Grand Champion."

Ironwood Russells Jenell
Breed: Jack Russell TerrierGender: Female

Short Stop Samantha
Breed: Jack Russell TerrierGender: Female
Samantha is the mother of Jenell.

Short Stop Izzy
Breed: Jack Russell Terrier

Kismets Kandyman of JRS
Breed: Jack Russell TerrierGender: Male
There once was a puppy named Kandy
In looks he was much of the dandy
He knew he was cute
He turned out a brute—
Demanding, and frequently randy.
His daddy is a Grand Champion and his mom is a Champion and on her way up. JRS dogs are the very best Jack Russell Terriers.

Staff: Beverly Singleton
Home: Blythe, CA
Date Entered into Gallery: July 13, 2004

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