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Best Friends: Jack and Cole!
Jack at 6 Years

Breed: VizslaGender: Male
I know I told you all on my last order we had not been using your food but decided to go back on due to Jack our Vizsla's rash on stomach and groin being so bad. Well, we ran out of your food about 5 days ago and my husband, much against my protesting decided we needed to try once more the food/rash relation and started him back on Kibbles and Bits. Within 4 days the rash in back in full force and nothing else was changed. I hate Jack had to be put through this test again, however it reinforces the product you all make. I am so thankful he will have relief in a few days when his Flint River food arrives. Thank yall so much, please dont change anything you do and ... we will not cheat on you again ;)

Staff: Penny Campsey
Home: Chatham, VA
Date Entered into Gallery: October 15, 2013

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