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Breed: Brittany Spaniel MixWeight: 28 pounds
Gender: Male
Favorite Food: The dogs all love any type of treat they can get their paws on!
Favorite Activities: They enjoy guarding the yard and, of course, chasing squirrels.
Favorite Place to Sleep: They love to curl up on their pet pillows, or with their human brothers.
Special Skills or Responsibilities: Shadow loves to play fetch and tug of war.
Story: Shadow was rescued off of the streets.
Our Family: We love animals and try to help as much as we can. Wish I could do more. I have looked after friends pets and neighbors pets that needed to be watched for vacations and that have gotten loose. Our dogs are always well loved and taken care of, as it should be. I love it when I find a good place to buy them treats and toys, because as we all know they are like our children.

Breed: Bull Terrier MixWeight: 65 pounds
Gender: Female
Special Skills or Responsibilities: Angel acts like a pup again around Shadow, and they love to wrestle.
Story: Angel was also rescued from the streets.

Breed: Rottweiler MixWeight: 95 pounds
Gender: Male
Story: Aries came to Scarlett as a puppy from the Animal Defense League. He had a long and happy life with his family, and is missed everyday.

Date Entered into Gallery: November 12, 2013

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