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Chester at 5 Years

Christmas 2005

Guarding His Flint River Ranch
Chester at 6 Years

"Give it back!"

"Let's see! Which nugget now?"

Breed: Cocker Spaniel (American)Weight: 34 pounds
Gender: MaleBirthday: December 4, 2000
Story: I adopted Chester in June, 2004. Here is his wild story:

Chester was a Amateur Show Dog from Montana who was in a show in Georgia last January. There was a terrible thunder storm and the noise frightened him to the point of bolting and running scared. He became lost and when he tried to find food, a bad man shot him with a BB gun. Chester also broke some of his teeth trying to eat rocks and got his nose a bit scarred from barbed wire. He was also bitten by the heartworm mosquito and developed a heavy burden of the disease.

Finally, a nice lady who drives an 18-wheeler rig was driving along Interstate 16 in Macon, Georgia, and picked him up on her way to Los Angeles. He had to be neutered and given medicine when the rescue place helped him.

I am trying to give him the best possible diet to strengthen him up and am planning to have his BB bullet removed.

Update for Christmas 2005: Well here it is another year and look how beautiful Chester is with his shiny, full coat and of course his healthy weight gain from 28 pounds to 34 pounds, which is normal for his height of 17 inches. Chester just jumps up and down for his Flint River Ranch Trout and Potato meals. It smells so good, I am tempted myself.

Anyway, I recently discovered that Chester is not an English Cocker Spaniel, but instead he is an "Old Fashioned" American Cocker Spaniel (like we had during the 1940s and 50s). Another fact is that he is 6 years old (approximately), and what energy he has!

Update: Chester was born Dec 4, 2000 and passed away Feb 4, 2017 from Lymphoma and old age. Chester was the most wonderful pet Marci has ever had. He was a great companion and a best friend. He will be missed.

Staff: Marci Garret
Home: Los Angeles, CA
Date Entered into Gallery: September 24, 2004

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