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Bo at 4 Years

Maui at 12 Years

Weight: 40 poundsGender: Male
Favorite Activities: Bo is a mellow fellow, a couch potato, and loves to cuddle with anyone. Kids are the greatest thing to him, and the highlight of his day is the neighborhood walks so everyone can pet him. Everyone knows Bo. He also likes to play with other dogs.
Story: We adopted Bo from a rescue a couple of months ago. He is neutered, and is missing a front leg (probably from an accident, we don't know for sure, but it was amputated in February 2004)
He is sooooo good. He gets along with our parrot, Maui, and we have had no problems—no messes, mischief, growling, or anything.

Gender: Female
We've had Maui, a Goffin's Cockatoo, for 12 years and she is a joy. She likes to play and cuddle. She is a typical 2-year-old child and knows what button to push. She is jealous of Bo even though she is still "first pet" and gets lots of love. It's funny to see her when she thinks she's getting slighted. She says "hi" and is working on "bye-bye," which is hard without lips... try it.

Staff: Lowell and Kathy Gladd
Home: Rochester Hills, MI
Date Entered into Gallery: September 28, 2004

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