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Like a lady!
Chloe at 8 Years

Whachu talkin? Where's my food?!?

You're my soul mate

It can be really exhausting to be this cute

Hiding in plain sight!

Please don't bother me at nap time...unless it's to tell me it's meal time!!!

Breed: VizslaWeight: 43 pounds
Gender: Female
I grew up on FRR until they went out of business, now I'm a happy girl, because I get to eat Pinto Canyon Lamb & Brown Rice.

I like to take my humans to Alaska for the summers, because I LOVE to be on our boat. I really, don't like water though, so please keep the deck dry for me! In the winters, I let them stay in Santa Monica. I love them, they're pretty cool.

I'm 9 now, and I still run around like a puppy. People are shocked when they find out how old I am. Baked dog food keeps me young and healthy!

Staff: Michael Adams
Date Entered into Gallery: March 20, 2018

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