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That statue looks very life like!
Brynnie at 9 Years

Breed: BasenjiWeight: 25 pounds
Gender: Female
Favorite Food: Pinto Canyon Lamb & Brown Rice and Pinto Canyon Salmon & Sweet Potato
Story: Brynnie is a sweet hot mess of a pup "She can be sweet, but can be terrifying to any dogs that look like sheep (big or small) and tries to nip their behinds to "herd" them.... not a big barker, but can scream like a woman (or, worse, a child!) being murdered... police were called once. She does this if she doesn't get her own way or if I go into a store for a coffee ... has the whole parking lot staring at her. We were at the shore in April and as I was getting fresh seafood (she could see me through the big window, but didn't care)...she screamed so much that another customer thought a gull was caught in my car.... until "a cure little dog face popped up".... maybe we should move to the shore so that her screams will be mistaken for gulls!"
We have had the pleasure of serving the Morgans since at least 2004. You can meet Jack here!

Staff: Sherry Morgan
Home: Philadelphia, PA
Date Entered into Gallery: November 20, 2018

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