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Helping Grandma Make Cookies

Special Skills or Responsibilities: I took one obedience class and am advancing into the intermediate class. I also am getting ready to launch my own chocolate company.
Story: I showed up at my new home in June. I was lost and had no identification on me. My new Mommy tried to find where I came from but had no luck. There were a couple of Mommy's friends that were interested in taking me but decided not to. So I talked Mommy into letting me stay with her. I feel very lucky because I now have 2 big brothers and a big sister. I have 2 acres I can run around on.
I am so lucky to have been lost at the right time and place. My brothers are J.J. and Hercules and my sister is Nikki.

Staff: Therese Zadra
Home: Queen Creek, AZ
Date Entered into Gallery: December 8, 2004

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