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"I'm a ladies man, want my digits?"
Oakley at 10 Weeks

Breed: Jack Russell TerrierGender: Male
Favorite Food: Anything that he can fit into his mouth. Everything... Oakley loves Flint River Ranch. He thinks he is getting "treats" when he eats Flint River food. He loves it!
Story: We used to live in Alabama and had two dogs, Katie a black lab and Cider an American Pit Bull. Right before we moved here to Ohio our lab was hit by a car. Then, we found out that we couldn't have any type of pit bulls in our area we were moving to. We found our pit bull a great new home. After moving to Ohio we got pregnant with our second child only to lose her. Obviously, we were very saddened by this loss. We did the second best thing and found us a new puppy. We searched through many different breeds of dogs to find one that would meet our needs. After searching for a little while, we found Oakley. He has filled the pain of our loss and is providing a new type of pain with his teeth... Ouch! He's a biter, so much for this happy ending. Anyone want a dog? Just kidding. We love Oakley who actually came from champion parents. He was a great find. We love The Oakster.

Staff: Kimberly and Jason Hall
Home: Dayton, OH
Date Entered into Gallery: February 7, 2005

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