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"I'm going to like living here!"
Zane at 6 Months

"One of my favorite resting spots."
Zane at 1 Year

"What a great Christmas!"
Zane at 2 Years

"I'll grow into my ears... "

"What do you want, Mom? Can't you see that I am busy watching?"
Allie at 3 Years

"This is my chair!"

Breed: Australian Cattle DogWeight: 50 pounds
Gender: Male
Favorite Food: Chicken jerky, Flint River Lamb and Rice, potatoes, and green beans.
Favorite Activities: Chasing the birds in the back yard, watching outside and barking at anything that moves; seeing what his big sister will put up with and catching and chasing tennis balls.
Favorite Place to Sleep: Mom's bed.
Special Skills or Responsibilities: Making sure I know about everything that moves outside.
Story: Zane was found wandering the streets of Chicago in May 2003. He was taken in by Midwest Cattledog Rescue and he joined Allie and me at about 5 months old. No one knows what happened to his ear. He was used to fending for himself and will still drink out of puddles, etc... to this day. He was very skinny but as you can see now he's a fat, but very happy little boy.

Breed: Australian Cattle DogWeight: 50 pounds
Gender: Female
Favorite Food: Anything Mom eats, Flint River Lamb and Rice, pig ears, chicken jerky, and yogurt.
Favorite Activities: Playing with the laser light, tug-of-war, and bossing her little brother around.
Favorite Place to Sleep: Mom's bed.
Special Skills or Responsibilities: Making sure her brother behaves.
Story: Allie was my first and she came to live with me at 7 weeks on September 9, 2001. She is my little girl, my companion, and my best friend. Allie loves car rides, hide and seek, tug-of-war, and kids. She is very smart and scared of nothing but fireworks and thunder. Allie gets jealous for her mom's attention. She hates being brushed and having her toenails clipped. She is the most spoiled and beautiful dog ever and I can't imagine life without her! She's now 3.5 years old and this has been the most frustrating and rewarding time of my life and I wouldn't trade a minute of it.

Staff: Laura Schnaare
Home: Troy, IL
Date Entered into Gallery: March 1, 2005

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