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Posing After Grooming
Sydney at 2 Years (left) and Spike at 10 Years

Breed: Shih TzuWeight: 12 pounds
Gender: Male
Favorite Food: Mostly their own food, but both can talk me out of a French fry once in a while (no lectures, please!). My dogs responded immediately to Flint River food - especially Spike, who had gotten fussy about eating over the years. He loves Flint River and gobbles it down. He's never done that with any food.
Favorite Activities: Spike would rather take a walk than just about anything.
Favorite Place to Sleep: Usually in his travel cage; he likes that the best.
Special Skills or Responsibilities: Spike is gifted - trained easy and can do a lot of tricks. You can speak to him in sentences and he understands. He doesn't need a leash.
Story: Spike came to me when a roommate moved out. She had a Lhasa Apso and told me I needed a dog when she moved. She found him in the newspaper, and we looked and I bought him. He's been an outstanding companion.

Breed: Shih TzuWeight: 7 pounds
Gender: Female
Favorite Activities: Taking away Spike's toys.
Favorite Place to Sleep: Sydney's favorite place is in a human's lap.
Special Skills or Responsibilities: Sydney is the anti-dog, she's into everything - and must have a "blonde" gene. I got her to speak on command, but nothing else. Dumb, but a sweetheart. She loves to be held and loved.
Story: Sydney was purchased primarily as a mate to Spike, and he hated her at first. But now he likes her a lot. Before he is outside of AKC regulations for breeding (max. 12 years), I'd like to get some puppies out of them. Maybe a Spike Jr.

Staff: Gregg Dempsey
Home: Las Vegas, NV
Date Entered into Gallery: March 31, 2005

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