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Chloe at 1 Year

"Pillows? I thought they were huge raviolis!"

Breed: American BulldogWeight: 70 pounds
Gender: Female
Favorite Food: She loves the Flint River Nylon bones and her 2 helpings a day of the Nuggets. She will never want anything for the rest of her life, and will have a healthy diet of Flint River food and treats.
Favorite Activities: She lives with us now in the country in New York State and finally has the freedom to romp and play as a big "puppy" should. After about a month, she has fallen in love with the 9 rescued cats (all fixed of course) and doesn't understand her size when she plays with them. The cats in turn drive her crazy for the fun of it. They get along great. Snowed a lot today and she just loves plowing through the snow and just acting silly. She loves eating and sleeping... oh and looking for turkey droppings on the property... yuck!
Favorite Place to Sleep: Everywhere, but there's a special chair by the fireplace she has claimed.
Special Skills or Responsibilities: She has the skills to twist us around her big paws and get anything she wants. She is such a gentle creature with a not so good beginning. She is full of pure love and affection.
Story: Chloe was a rescue from the American Boxer Rescue in NY. She will have the life that she deserves with us forever.
Rescue animals can be so rewarding. Before purchasing, try a rescue group of the breed your interested in; it could save a precious life. I thank those that helped Chloe and her sister in a horrible situation.

Staff: Grace and Stephen Pullen
Home: Warwick, NY
Date Entered into Gallery: April 2, 2005

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