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Weight: 50 poundsGender: Female
Favorite Food: They all love Flint River of course, and greenies.
Favorite Activities: All three like to sneak out and take our shoes and socks outside for a game of tug of war, play "I'm scared of the broom," play fetch and catch, sit in our laps, and be so silly.
Favorite Place to Sleep: Our bed! Ha! They all like the crate, their mobile beds they can drag around, and the couch.
Special Skills or Responsibilities: They all like to keep us happy and smiling. Tula can catch almost anything in her mouth. All three of them like to trip us up in the house.
Story: Tula came a year and a half ago. My friend was fostering her for a rescue group and said, "You have to come over and meet this girl. I think she's just for you." And he was right.

Weight: 40 poundsGender: Male
Special Skills or Responsibilities: Molee can twirl and sound like Chewbacca from "Star Wars."
Story: Molee came for no apparent reason. We loved Tula so much and, although we weren't really looking for another, we thought it would be fun to have more dogs. My friend adopted a rescue and said, "You have to meet this guy, who was my new dog's foster brother - he's just for you." Haha! Where have I heard that before? So we went to meet him, fell in love, and got him home October 2004. He had full-on mange when he was surrendered to the shelter. His foster mom nursed him back to health, and we've been dealing with demodex mange since that time. I did a lot of research for the best food for him and his sensitivities and Flint River was the best I could find. I love your customer service and he's doing great on the food - as are the others.

Gender: Male
Nickname: The Old Man
Favorite Place to Sleep: Not in our bed with the others, because he likes his own space.
Story: Raymond followed me home one day on a walk about 12 years ago and didn't want to leave, and no one claimed him. We've been good buds since. Now he's an old guy, so he gets to do what he wants.
Weight: Heavy and slow.

Staff: Megan Rucker and Greg Geisler
Home: Austin, TX
Date Entered into Gallery: April 27, 2005

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