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Olivia at 1 Year

Sunbathing Last Winter
Gabriel at 6 Months

"I'm the master of all I survey!"

Gabe and Olivia Chillin' Together

Two Cats Are Better Than One

Breed: Domestic Shorthair CatGender: Female

Breed: Domestic Shorthair CatGender: Male
Nickname: Gabe
Story: I have had Gabriel on numerous foods since I adopted him last January. The most recent food I have had him on was Eukanuba low residue. The Vet where I was taking Gabriel quit carrying Eukanuba low residue. The same day that the Flint River Ranch kitten/cat food came I bought a bag of Science Diet feline i/d. I know that I should have gradually acclimated Gabe to the new foods. I decided to give him the choice of foods for himself. After all, he should know better than me which food tastes the best. So far he rarely eats the Eukanuba low residue cat food, occasionally he eats the Science Diet feline i/d, and he and his sister (not related) can't get enough of the Flint River Ranch kitten/cat food. I am glad that I allowed my cats to choose which food they prefer. I have never seen such positive results with Gabe's problem with diarrhea as I have since feeding him the food from your company. Gabe has had normal stools since being on Flint River Ranch kitten/cat food. At the rate my cats are eating their new food, it won't be long before I am ordering another bag of Flint River Ranch kitten/cat food. I took a sample of the Flint River Ranch kitten/cat food to work for a friend of mine that has two cats. I told my friend that I have at last found the best kitten/cat food that is available without a doubt. The food is awesome.

Staff: Tom Wilson
Home: Ballwin, MO
Date Entered into Gallery: June 9, 2005

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