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Tiny at 7 Months (left) and Toby at 10 Months

Toby and Friends - Three Cool Dudes!

Breed: Standard PoodleGender: Male
Story: Toby was bred in Bend, Oregon in 1996. He is a neutered male. He had parvo when we purchased him but we didn't realize it till the day after we brought him home. He survived despite the odds against him. Praise God!
He plays rough but is very gentle in every other way. He loves all people and dogs. He greets anyone that comes in the door with a toy in his mouth. Yes, even us.

Breed: PoodleGender: Male
Story: Tiny was in need of a home from some people that bought him at a pet store. They had two toddlers and couldn't manage with a dog. He was bred in Cottage Grove, Oregon, in January 1997. Tiny is male and neutered. He was 7 months old in the picture with Toby and hadn't been groomed as yet so was pretty scrungy looking. The picture with both dogs was taken by my niece and turned out so cute that we share it often.

Staff: Tony and Janelle Valot
Home: Pahrump, NV
Date Entered into Gallery: July 22, 2005

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