75. Sam and Marie Gunderman Print         
The Gunderman Gang
Left-to-right: Pebbles, Tunie, Trey, Sassy, Samantha, Destiny

Breed: MalteseBirthday: July 4, 1994

Breed: MalteseBirthday: February 19, 1998

Breed: MalteseBirthday: January 4, 2001

Breed: MalteseBirthday: February 11, 2000

Breed: MalteseBirthday: October 17, 2001

Breed: MalteseBirthday: June 12, 1997
Favorite Food: They like chicken products.
Favorite Activities: They enjoy cuddling and being lap dogs.
Favorite Place to Sleep: They prefer to sleep with us.
This breed is extremely intelligent and they make wonderful companion dogs. Our crew has brought a lot of light and love to our lives. They're the best!

Staff: Sam and Marie Gunderman
Home: Yorktown, VA
Date Entered into Gallery: January 5, 2003

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