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"Do you really think I need Botox?"
Amber at 2 Years

Breed: BoxerWeight: 70 pounds
Gender: Female
Favorite Food: She loves Flint River Ranch Trout and Potato (AKA "Fish and Chips"). You came highly recommended by a friend and the experience has been fantastic. I was a Natures Balance devotee, but they've been having quality issues recently. They did work hard to remedy the problem, but there was something that had changed in their formula that was not agreeing with my Boxer. I'm happy to have found you. The next step was going to be a raw food diet for the dog, but I know that gets really expensive. She loves your food and I hope to be a long-term customer.
Favorite Activities: She loves a good hike, though it's been too hot lately. I guess playing keep away with her favorite toy is her favorite thing to do. She loves people and pets. We have a cat, too. She feels the need to groom him from time to time. How do you deal with hairballs in a dog?
Favorite Place to Sleep: She will sleep anywhere, but loves to sleep on anything of mine that has been left on the floor.
Story: Amber had a pretty rough start. I found her at the boxer rescue covered with mange. After months of treatment her hair came back even softer than ever. You'd never know she had been that sick. Glad to have such a special friend in my life.

Staff: Stephanie Johnson
Home: North Hollywood, CA
Date Entered into Gallery: August 12, 2005

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