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Nico at 6 Years (left) and Olive at 1 Year

Zoom at 2 Years

Gypsy at 12 Years

Nico, Olive, and Zoom

Xana-Dew at 2 Years

Dressed as the Seattle Seahawks 12th Dog, Xana is Ready for Victory!

Breed: Border Terrier/Chihuahua MixWeight: 12 pounds
Gender: Female
Nickname: Nut or Peanut
Special Skills or Responsibilities: She works daily at a medical software company, bossing the 150-pound Rottweiler around and stealing his 5-pound bone.
All these guys are what keep us on our toes and we love every minute of it as they are our babies.

Breed: Jack Russell Terrier/Lhasa Apso/Chihuahua MixGender: Male
Nickname: Boo Bear
Favorite Activities: He is an avid squirrel hunter (so he thinks) and daily couch cruiser with a habit for toys that squeak.
Special Skills or Responsibilities: Nico has been trained to bark and pull Zoom, the cat, off of things to keep him off of high furniture or any type of mischievous behavior he gets into.

Weight: 17 poundsGender: Male
Favorite Food: He just turned 2 and weighs 17 pounds (the vet said he favors food and he is all right at this weight, but to watch his eating). He is extremely intelligent when he wants food - he will try to get your attention by knocking things over.

Gender: Female
Favorite Food: She is a nocturnal food gordita and will eat any and all cat or dog food in her sight as fast as possible, then throws up. We learned the hard way - now we pick the food up at night.
Story: She was my very first cat from the shelter, just 10 weeks old. She looked like an angora fuzzy rabbit. She is now 12 years old and retired to the basement away from the stress of the other animals.

Breed: Norwich Terrier/Chihuahua MixWeight: 12 pounds
Gender: Female
Favorite Food: ALL and any foods are her favorite.
Favorite Activities: Throwing a party for the cat, wagging and kissing the cat, and wrestling with me.
Favorite Place to Sleep: Next to my head between the pillows.
Special Skills or Responsibilities: She has a Mohawk! Naturally we put blue in it to show it off... is that a skill? Oh, well, it’s cool!
Story: Found on an Indian reservation at 8 months old and pregnant, she went through two shelters before a rescue saved her, she gave birth to four puppies and then was placed up for adoption. We couldn’t resist her and she definitely won the lottery. She has gone from a shy dog who didn’t know how to play with toys to a confident Seahawks fan who plays all of the time now! Yeah for Xana-Dew!

Staff: Karleen and Emma Brigham
Home: Seattle, WA
Date Entered into Gallery: August 21, 2005

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