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Jazz at 5 Years

Breed: Domestic Shorthair CatWeight: 14 pounds
Gender: Female
Favorite Food: She loves Flint River Ranch cat snacks. I have them in a drawer in my bedroom, and every night before I go to bed she sits by the drawer and meows for the snacks. So I give her a few to eat and then she is happy and off to bed we go. I feed Flint River Ranch products to all my animals and am very happy with the products.
Favorite Activities: Her favorite activities are mostly chasing my other cat around the house and curling up in any comfortable spot and sleeping.
Favorite Place to Sleep: She loves to sleep with me at night.
Story: As you can see, she is black but has some very unique gold streaks in her fur. She is very lovable but can also be very shy at times. I rescued her from the horse track where I work in Boise, Idaho, when she was only 3 weeks old. I had to feed her with a dropper for the first few weeks after I got her. She has been a great companion.

Staff: Karen Thompson
Home: Boise, ID
Date Entered into Gallery: April 16, 2003

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