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Christmas 2005
Mijo at 7 Years

Breed: PomeranianWeight: 10 pounds
Gender: Male
Story: After wanting a dog my entire life, I adopted Mijo this August. Although he had not yet been placed in a shelter, I suspect his homelife was not much better. He had been overfed with tablefood (to the point of reaching 16 pounds!), which resulted in his bad teeth, and had been left alone for 12 hours a day and almost never taken outside.

As soon as I adopted him we started taking several short walks a day and I switched him from grocery store off-brand dog food to the Flint River Ranch Senior Plus food. He not only loves it but has lost a lot of weight so far. He's down to 10.5 pounds and should be down to his ideal weight of 9 pounds soon. I also have seen an improvement in his ability to jump which is probably due, in part, to the glucosamine and chondroitin and his weight loss.

Staff: Kristen
Home: Daytona Beach, FL
Date Entered into Gallery: January 20, 2006

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