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Tinkerbell at 6 Years

"May I please come inside?"
Tinkerbell at 2 Years

"Do I have to?"

"No more pictures today, please!"

Breed: BoxerGender: Female
Favorite Food: She has eaten nothing but Flint River Ranch food since she was 6 weeks old and just loves every meal. She loves to eat broccoli, carrots, and ice cubes as treats.
Nickname: Tinker
Favorite Activities: Her favorite activity is playing catch with her Frisbee. She has a box full of them and knows each one's name. Besides chasing Frisbees and balls, she carries around several rag dolls.

She also has a toy box filled with soft toys that talk, sing, bark, moo, etc. Most of the toys are human infant toys. She never destroys any of them and knows where to squeeze them so they make their sounds. She knows their names and gets the correct one on command.

Favorite Place to Sleep: She sleeps with us and insists on getting completely under the covers.
Story: She is our second Boxer and very gentle and loving.
Tinker has one blue eye, which makes a great conversation starter with strangers.

Staff: John and Linda Homola
Home: Emmaus, PA
Date Entered into Gallery: February 3, 2006

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