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"What cha lookin at, punk??!"
Jared at 10 Years

Breed: Orange TabbyWeight: 11 pounds
Gender: Male
Favorite Food: Shrimp is 1st! Although he also packs away plenty of FlintRiver cat chow!
Favorite Activities: Doing his "rounds" around his estate - which he does first thing every morning; he is VERY dedicated to his duties and responsibilities. I'm not exactly sure how large his estate is, although I do know that he has claimed most of our surrounding neighbor's property. His headquarters is his immediate yard however. And he does enjoy sunning on the back deck frequently.
Favorite Place to Sleep: He has a lazy-boy lounge chair in our bedroom that he has claimed as "his" - that's just one of his inside spots. Outside he likes to "sun" on the huge stone in our - I mean his - front yard. That is where he is in the picture I am sending - although you can't really see the stone in the picture. As well as the back deck, depending on his mood.
Special Skills or Responsibilities: Very smart: 1) If he wants to be picked up - he enjoys monitoring his indoor domain from a higher altitude than his limited sight line, he taps me on my leg and raises his two front arms to be lifted up - just like a small child! Very cute! (Don't tell him I referred to him as "cute"; he is very serious most of the time!) 2) If he is outside (yes, he loves to go out) and wants to get back inside but no one is available to open the door, he makes a detailed study of every window he can possibly reach, peering in until he spots one of his underlings (that would be me or my husband) - once he finds someone, he knocks at the window and cries until he gets noticed, then he stares at you and paces until you open the nearest door to where ever he is. He actually goes from window to window until he finds someone! Starting with a window on the deck to check out the kitchen, usually finds some activity there. But if not, he proceeds to each basement window around the perimeter of the house!! 3) He also has this obsession with monitoring the attic! He stands under the ceiling pull door staring up and cries (or maybe demands is a better term) until some one pulls down the attic stairs. He then proceeds to race up the stairs and does a complete inspection, which takes approx. 15-30 minutes; don't really know what he is looking for(?).
Story: Jared found us one day when we wandered into our local pet shelter at Slater Park. I actually had a vision the week before of finding an orange tabby!! I think he was sending us a "message." We took a look at the available current residents - and there he was calling out to us! He jump right into our arms (and our hearts) and he adopted us immediately. It's been close to 10 years now - he was only about 6 or 8 months when we found him!
He is King around the house, and does have an adopted brother, Barry. He has taught Barry everything he knows!!

Staff: Sandra Del Tredici
Home: Seekonk, MA
Date Entered into Gallery: February 22, 2006

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